Rocky Mountain Community Reinvestment Corporation (aka UCRC)

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Rocky Mountain Community Reinvestment Corporation is a private member-held organization. Membership requires approval by the Rocky Mountain CRC Board of a formal application and is restricted to insured depository institutions charter under Utah federal law with business offices authorized to accept deposits in the State of Utah. Members are required to participate in Rocky Mountain CRC’s Intercreditor Agreement, which is the primary capital source for Rocky Mountain CRC’s financing activity. In addition to each member’s financial commitment to Rocky Mountain CRC members invest substantial service time to our governing board and committees and through informal advisory services. Rocky Mountain CRC benefits greatly from our member’s expertise in risk protection, systems controls and general operations.

Through membership, Utah’s banks demonstrate their commitment to strengthening communities primarily in Utah and throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  Membership provides various benefits:

Lending and Investment Opportunities

If your bank would like more information regarding becoming a member, please contact VP, Chief Financial Officer, David Watkins at 801-503-0547 or CEO and President,  Steven J. Nielsen at 801-833-0008