Rocky Mountain Community Reinvestment Corporation (aka UCRC)

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How To Join

“I invite you to join Rocky Mountain Community Reinvestment Corporation, (aka UCRC) and become part of a growing team of financial partners working to make a difference in Utah and in the Rocky Mountain Region. Rocky Mountain CRC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 1999 to provide debt for financing the construction, renovation and acquisition of affordable housing. Currently, Rocky Mountain CRC is supported by 26 member financial institutions with banking operations in the State of Utah. Rocky Mountain CRC was created in response to the critical need for low and moderate income housing throughout the state. Rocky Mountain CRC responded to this need by providing affordable debt financing to multi-family residential rental properties through a $40 million loan pool, which has increased to $230 million today.” -Steven Nielsen, President & CEO


Member’s Benefits

Participating in the Rocky Mountain CRC lending pool provides an excellent means of meeting an organization’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) objectives while gaining access to expertise and resources that will enable you to participate in community enhancing projects and activities without undue distraction from your core mission.  Members may receive CRA credits for the following activities:



You should check with your Regulators to determine if you will be able to gain credit (in the CRA lending test) for your “line of credit” commitments to Rocky Mountain CRC. We do understand you can count your portion of the funded loans even if they are outside your lending area. In addition to the current lending programs, Rocky Mountain CRC also offers opportunities to our members to participate outside the pool in construction loans or other products that may need further financing or resell from our current book of business.


You may reach David Watkins at 801-503-0547 or Steven J. Nielsen at 801-833-0008 and receive your Rocky Mountain CRC Information Packet today!